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Defence and Security

Defence budgets are contracting, security and defence spending is converging, so how well can your defence offerings adapt to adjacent markets? How close is military command and control to the emergency sector control room environment? And which critical elements of in-theatre secure networking apply to critical national infrastructure projects? Sifting the wheat from the chaff is not always easy – especially when technology teams are adjusting to a more commercial, product oriented environment. Making decisions for a whole market rather than an individual customer can be a big leap. And how do you compete with the small, specialist players who have already carved out their niche in that space?

For many defence players, this is a complex issue. The traditional structure where business units line up to individual customer communities can result in a fragmented and repetitive portfolio. For those with multiple home markets, this picture can be replicated across each national organisation. BWCS has worked with a number of major defence groups to create coherent portfolios from defence offerings, understand and describe market rather than customer needs, and support business transformation from a wholly bespoke one-off provider to a player who builds repeatable solutions based on market leading technology components. You may even conclude that focusing on being the best and beating the competition in your core business is the best approach, so you’ll need to differentiate with innovative technology.

We’re known for our market entry strategies for providers of security and defence technologies. Our strengths are in understanding the drivers behind purchasing decisions. We’ve looked at a wide range of offerings, from mmWave, CCTV and video analytics, to deep packet inspection for analysis of network traffic, ultra sensitive microphone technology and across the whole CBRNE spectrum.

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