Nokia to Switch Focus but won't sell Factories ...

(30 Nov 2009, BWCS Staff)

Nokia, the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phone handsets is to drastically revise its operations. According to a recent interview given to the German business magazine, WirtschaftsWoche, by the company's chief strategy director Anssi Vanjoki, the company will focus more on providing internet services and less on manufacturing phones.

Perhaps most tellingly of all Vanjoki said that his company was unprepared for the successful launch of so many smart phones recently. In particular, it appears, that the rise of the iPhone caught the Finnish company off guard. However, Vanjoki stressed that Nokia is working hard to catch up and become a mobile solutions and applications provider as well. According to the Nokia executive, Apple will remain a relatively small player on the mobile phone market.

While Vanjoki said he would not rule out a sale of the company's mobile phone manufacturing operations, Nokia has since released a statement denying that it has any plans to divest itself of its manufacturing plants.

Meanwhile, the relative success of Apple's iPhone was underlined by new figures this morning from a mobile data traffic report by AdMob. The report showed that Apple's share of mobile data traffic has grown to over 50% in the US, the UK and the global market. AdMob, which is now owned by Google, focuses much of its attention on its parent company's third place Android and RIM's fourth ranking BlackBerry.

In the worldwide market, AdMob notes that Apple increased its lead in smart phone traffic share from 43% in September to 50% in October. Symbian slipped from 29% to 25%, while third place Android grew from 10% to 11%. RIM's share fell slightly from 8% to 7%, Windows Mobile dropped from 5% to 3%.


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