Bada Bing, Bada Boom (?)

(09 Dec 2009, BWCS Staff)

Almost one month after the idea was first mentioned by Samsung, the giant Korean manufacturer has launched its new Linux-based, open source, mobile platform: Bada. The company clearly hopes that Bada will grow to rival the current crop of successful mobile operating systems, such as Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile, all of which are also sold by Samsung.

The new name, which means Ocean in Korean and does not refer to a conjurer's catch-phrase, has been chosen to differentiate it from Samsung's current operating systems. Bada will eventually be rolled out to over 50 countries the manufacturer said. However, Samsung does not expect any phones fitted with Bada to go on sale until the middle of next year.

Samsung's open platform is designed to help the company bridge the gap between complex, high-end, smart phones and simpler handsets. As with its rivals, Bada will offer access to its own applications store. Samsung plans to encourage the creation of applications for the platform via a new Bada developer website and an international "Developer Challenge" which will offer a total prize fund of US$3 million to would-be developers.


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