Vodafone in Double German Push

(01 Feb 2010, BWCS Staff)

Vodafone, under pressure to beef up its European performance, has today relaunched as its mobile discount brand in Germany. The new, cheap-rate operator will offer German consumers low-cost pre-paid services. For example, will charge only euros 0.09 for calls or SMS messages sent to other users in Germany. The same charges (per minute) will be levied on mobile internet connections. Pre-paid will be sold via the brand's own website or retail partners offering a starter package for as little as euros 9.95 which includes a Sim card with euros 10 credits on it.

Meanwhile, in a bid to boost its triple play customer base, Vodafone has announced plans to roll out a fibre-based VDSL network in 750 urban regions across Germany, reports local business newspaper Handelsblatt.

The UK-based mobile giant apparently has a target of some 4 million VDSL connections in its sights by the end of this summer. The new network's downstream speed will reportedly reach up 50Mbps.  According to the German press, Vodafone will follow a two-stage strategy: in the first phase, the company aims to upgrade 2,700 main switching points, enabling high-speed Internet access for households in their immediate area.

In the second phase, for expansion beyond these areas, the telco reportedly intends to use former state operator, Deutsche Telekom's infrastructure to extend its VDSL reach.  At present, only DT and a handful of small, regional operators operate their own VDSL networks in Germany.


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