BBC Aims at iPhone Market

(25 Feb 2010, BWCS Staff)

The BBC's commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, is preparing to dive into the world of mobile phone applications. According to press reports this morning, the broadcaster is keen to develop a series of iPhone applications (other smart phones are available) featuring content from popular shows, past and present. One of the first in line for this treatment is said to be the Generation Game, a stalwart of Saturday evening viewing from the Seventies.

The Beeb has apparently been involved in discussions over how best to exploit its huge bank of content on the new generation of smart phones. One of the first ideas to emerge is apparently to be a mobile application based on the famous conveyor belt sequence at the end of the Generation Game where winning contestants could keep household items that they memorised as they passed in front of their eyes. Other quiz shows, such as Mastermind, are said to be in line for a mobile relaunch.

Should these game shows see the light of day as smart phone apps, they will follow in the footsteps of Radio Times and Top Gear, which already have iPhone applications based on them. BBC Worldwide is keen to follow these trail-blazers with more apps using its rich history of entertainment programming.

According to reports in the Guardian newspaper this morning the appeal of the BBC's content to mobile operators was proved recently when, for the first time, buyers from both Nokia and Apple's iTunes turned up at an event called BBC Showcase - BBC Worldwide's annual international television market in Brighton. The BBC is also about to launch a range of free applications for smart phones which will include News and Sport updates.


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