Italian Train Commuters Get Purpose-Built Network for WiFi

(13 Apr 2017, BWCS Staff)

One of the largest commuter railroad systems in southern Italy, Ferrovie del Gargano, has launched an on-train WiFi service for its passengers. The company, which said it was determined to improve customer experience for travellers using its services, is using a purpose-built trackside wireless network with LTE back-up.

The trackside solution has been supplied by Fluidmesh which installed its Trackside MPLS Technology. According to Fluidmesh the system is currently supporting data, VOIP, as well as live video streaming to passengers.

In a press statement Fluidmesh underlined that its MPLS system offers a 0ms handoff, and uses a proprietary 2x2 MIMO Antenna technology, which, it says, are able to deliver up to a Gigabit of usable bandwidth to a train traveling up to 250mph. It was not made clear how many kilometres of track are covered with the MPLS network versus the LTE back-up.

According to Roberto Festa, project manager at Sistel, the system integrator responsible for the roll out, “We have been impressed by the performance of Fluidmesh technology and by their support and know-how in rail communication. Given the importance and complexity of this project, we were looking for a world class partner and we are glad we went with Fluidmesh for the train-to-ground trackside network. We haven't found another solution that can match their performance, reliability, and ease of installation".

The issue of whether train operators should plump for a trackside solution over often intermittent mobile coverage,is expected to be one of the major talking points at this year’s WiFi on Trains Conference hosted by BWCS. For more information on next year’s event please see or contact .

This year's Train Communications System Conference is sponsored by Icomera (Gold), Nomad Digital (Silver), Fluidmesh (Bronze), 21Net (Cocktails), LetsJoin (Lunch Day 1) and RADWIN (Lunch Day 2).

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