People Power Pushes WiFi on Taiwan Trains

(20 Jun 2017, BWCS Staff)

The Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp (THSRC) says it has bowed to popular pressure and installed WiFi on 80% of its fleet. The move apparently came as a response to a single Facebook post in January of this year, by high-profile entertainer Jackie Wu.

According to the Taiwanese press, the hugely popular singer took to Facebook to decry the lack of internet access on board the expensive trains (presumably at the end of his journey) which have been in operation for ten years. Wu’s social media following took up the “free WiFi” cry and the Taiwan government felt compelled to intercede and order THSRC to speed up deployment of on-board WiFi access.  

Yesterday, the train operator announced that free WiFi services are now available on 80% of its high-speed services, with the remaining 20% to be added soon. THSRC said that it has been working with Chunghwa Telecom to configure its trains for WiFi, which will enable passengers to access the iTaiwan WiFi service while speeding along on its bullet trains.

However, the train company admitted that there may be “poor signals” along some sections of some routes. It declined to give details, either of the gaps, or how they may be filled in.

The company said it is planning to have WiFi installed on all of its trains in time for the Universiade Taipei 2017, which begins on the 19th of August 19, by which time, it assured its passengers, the quality of WiFi connections will also improve.

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