CP Pushes WiFi on Trains Into Suburbia in Bid to Boost Rider Numbers

(02 Oct 2019, BWCS Staff)

Portuguese train operator, Comboios de Portugal (CP), has announced plans to greatly expand its free WiFi on-board services. The state-owned company said today that it will launch WiFi on all local train lines running in and around Porto and Lisbon. The move follows a brief, but successful, trial of WiFi on the suburban routes to Sintra and Cascais in the nation’s capital city.

CP launched a pilot scheme on the two city-based train services on 21st of August this year. During the trial run the company gathered data on both the performance of the train-to-shore link and how the public reacted to having access to WiFi. In addition, passengers on both lines were asked to fill out questionnaires and give feedback to CP with a view to improving the service (always a potentially dangerous move).

Despite the very short trial period, CP clearly believes it already has enough evidence of customer demand to support rolling out the service across all train s in and around the country’s two largest cities. CP is said to be convinced that such a move will also boost the number of passengers using suburban rail services. BWCS believes that the addition of WiFi to train services can, on average, boost ridership by between 2% and 4%. However, these figures may be higher for local train services with a greater proportion of commuters on board as the attraction of having a working WiFi connection is higher.

Initially, CP says it plans to work with mobile network operators in a bid to improve track-side coverage in Porto and Lisbon – though it has not made it clear how this may happen.

Prior to today’s announcement, the only CP trains to offer WiFi were its Alfa Pendular high-speed, Intercity trains. Even then, it was only available on the Northern and Beira-Baixa lines.

CP’s only rival, the private train operator Fertagus, owned by Barraqueiro Group, says it is considering adding on-board Internet access for its trains. However, the company says there is no plan to implement it yet. Fertagus, has a concession to provide suburban transport between Lisbon and Setúbal. On long distance routes CP faces very limited competition from other European services, thanks to its rather isolated geographic location.

According to António Soares, IT Director of the Barraqueiro Group, the introduction of WiFi on board Fertagus trains is one of the differentiator projects under examination at the group. He told the local press recently that his company is studying the technical feasibility of embedding WiFi in trains. Fertagus manages a fleet of 18 “double-decker” 3500 Series Electric Quadruple Units (UQEs) each with a capacity of 1,210 passengers. The company already offers WiFi at stations where its trains call.

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