Four out of Five Major Mobile Companies will use BT for Backhaul

(06 Oct 2008, BWCS Staff)

BT Wholesale is to provide high-speed backbone links to UK mobile operators T-Mobile and 3 in a new deal announced today. The five year contract will be worth several hundred million pounds to BT Wholesale and highlights the need for mobile operators to guarantee the delivery of high-speed mobile data services to their customers. In April and May of this year, BT signed similar deals with Vodafone and O2 respectively. Orange remains the only major UK mobile company not to be tied to BT.

In a statement, Emin Gurdenli, technology director at T-Mobile UK, said: "This agreement with BT will make sure backhaul is not a constraint now or in the future at a time when T-Mobile is experiencing strong growth in mobile broadband and other mobile data services." New smart phones, lead by Apple's iPhone, are helping to drive up demand for mobile broadband services and means that data traffic is catching up with voice traffic over mobile networks and forcing operators to ensure that their networks can cope.

BT Wholesale has been successfully replacing revenues lost by companies such as BskyB and Carphone Warehouse offering their own broadband network services with the new revenue from mobile backhaul traffic.


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