France to Cut a Third off Mobile Termination Rates

(27 Oct 2008, BWCS Staff)

The French telecoms regulator, Arcep, looks set to introduce large cuts to mobile termination rates within France. The industry watchdog has opened a public consultation which will last just under one month to examine the possible reductions. The move follows an earlier announcement that Arcep wanted to reduce mobile termination rates by around 30% next year.

It is being reported that from the 1st July next year, rates would come down from euros 0.065 to euros 0.045 per minute for Orange France and SFR, and from euros 0.085 to euros 0.06 for relative newcomer Bouygues Telecom. These would be followed by further cuts in the termination rates in the second half of 2010. 

Earlier this month the French government announced its intention to launch a tender for a new 3G licence in the country, The sale, which  is expected to go ahead early next year, forms part of a plan to remove the so-called digital divide in the nation. Eric Besson, the French minister for the digital economy, is behind the plan - called "Digital France 2012" which calls for the introduction of some 154 new measures aimed at providing broadband for all and covers mobile telephony, fixed line internet and broadcast TV services.


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