About Us

Our Work Ethic

It's all about making the right decision

You know your business. You understand your technology. So making the right business decision is easy ... or is it? Are you confident that you won't be swayed by strong internal opinions. How do you get your hands on all the facts and stay steadfastly objective? Wouldn't it be great to ask someone independent to look at your plans to develop long term value in your business and, perhaps, to convert a few nay-sayers with some hard data at the same time?

We have been helping our clients do this kind of thing for nearly twenty years. With sensitivity, with intellect; employing solid business principles and analytical rigour to support decision making within businesses, without blowing the bank.

We do it with original thinking...

We get a buzz from getting our heads around difficult problems. We are creative - our high energy and sparkle may be just what you need. We work hard to make sure we're always solving the right problem for you - not just the first problem you saw. We will stretch your team's thinking.

Our findings are based on live information - direct from the market, analysed with intelligence and developed with insight, so you can make information-based decisions.

Our deliverables will give you an honest perspective - we take care to present new ideas within the context of your current operation, so you can use them to make a difference to your business now.

We do it with commitment

We are a small team of bright and dynamic business analysts steeped in years of hands-on experience in technology industries. Our team ethic is strong, both between ourselves and working closely with you, quickly getting to grips with the dynamics of your operation and your technology. We build trust across teams so that we can really examine the detail of the challenges your business faces, understand properly, and develop consensus. We also know that the hard work often starts after decisions are made, so we really care about pragmatic solutions, and our work isn't done until we've rolled out the changes together.

Our clients come back to us time and again because we only ever promise what we know we can deliver. And we do deliver - on time, on price, on quality. No surprises.

Because we value relationships that work, we work hard at communicating well with you. We'll share the challenge you're facing. Our biggest reward is your success.

We call it turning technology into business

Work with BWCS. It will be the right decision.

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